Queen Anne - Community On The Hill (Paperback)

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In words and pictures, the history of Queen Anne unfolds, from the Native Americans who first dwelt in the Puget Sound country, through the first European-American settlers who arrived via the Oregon Trail in the mid 1800s. The explosive development of the post-gold rush era to today’s urban struggles with growth and livability are also highlighted.

Louisa Boren, the “Sweetbrier Bride” of David Denny, describes her life in the wilderness of north Seattle. The unique awareness of pioneer children, usually neglected in historical accounts, have their own space here. Other chapters are devoted to churches, schools, businesses, community development and the place of Queen Anne in Seattle’s medical history.

You will find this story of a Northwest urban community a fascinating blend of tales of American growth and individual perseverance. Your mind will walk you through the forest trails into the modern streets of Queen Anne.

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