The Queen Anne “Grand Pri”

Our neighbors from the Bethany Presbyterian will be hosting their Grand Pri on August 19, 2018. Join them! 

This will be a friendly competition for the highest MPG road route. To participate you need a car that charts MPG (e.g., a Prius), a navigator/photographer and a smartphone.   Register at the “Grand Pri” table on the lawn at  1818 Queen Anne Ave   and be ready to depart from the Queen Anne Animal Clinic parking lot, 1800 Queen Anne Ave N,  by high noon (12:00 pm).   

Your goal is to find the highest MPG route that enables you to take pictures of three road sites and return within 14 minutes.  That is plenty of time to complete the course; speed is not the object and is detrimental to high MPG.    The winner will receive a $14.00 (a dollar per minute) gift card to Queen Anne Book Company, runner up is $7.00 gift card to Queen Anne Book Company.

The event will be over by 12:30 pm.   There will be coffee for the adults and games for the kids who cheer you off.   Various types of alternative transportation will be available for test sits, e.g, an electric smart car.

The event is sponsored by the Bethany Presbyterian Green Team.   We're doing what we can to promote a low carbon future. 







Event date: 
Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 12:30pm
1811 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109-2850