Poetry Reading

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“‘How many times // has the thing I wanted stayed hidden from me, / obscured by my longing?’ asks Hannah Faith Notess in poems that illuminate the spiritual, sexual, and geographical longings that tether us to earth yet prod us beyond the borders of our bodies: ‘the drawbridge gapes open // like the gulf between Man and God, but nobody / is waiting to cross over, nobody wants to switch sides.’ Driven by an unself-conscious and deeply felt (though ‘still slipping’) faith, Notess maps ‘the two peninsulas / that wish to become an isthmus once again.’ The Multitude is testament to the yearning that deepens us toward wholeness and opens us toward divinity.”

—Michael Waters, author of Gospel Night

We move through life haunted by a multitude of people and places that exist only in memory, by ancestors we never knew, and by myths we’re not sure we can believe. Even our video game avatars are chased by ghosts. These poems explore spaces of everyday life that intersect with both sacred places and fantastical realms. The Multitude invites us to dwell in uncertain spaces between worlds, between the possible and impossible.

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“[Spoons...Dig a Moat] is a powerful and original collection of prose poems. Each
poem is its own non-linear, semi-surreal expression, but it
dawns on the reader, with a sobering chill, that these poems
refer to our actual world and our present time. Not surprisingly,
this book involves a slow-motion nightmare, one we would turn
away from if we had an alternative. But we don’t—and that may
be the hardest truth this book discovers by never directly
landing on it. Love alone provides a light, and there isn’t an
alternative to that, thank goodness.” –Maurice Manning

Amelia Martens's prose poems reveal expansive ideas in compressed language. From the domestic to the geopolitical, from the mundane to the miraculous, from heartbreak to hilarity, these brief vignettes take the form of prayers, parables, confessions, and revelations. Intimate and urgent, Martens's poems are strange, darkly funny, and utterly beguiling.



Event date: 
Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 7:00pm
1811 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109-2850