Especially for Kids

Especially for Kids

At Queen Anne Book Company we love kids! In fact we love them so much we have a dedicated buyer, Tegan. See her latest recommendations for teens, middle grade or picture books. 

For Teens:

Teen or young adult books are published for the 12+ crowd, but we know that adults and some advanced younger readers love to shop this category, too. So Queen Anne Book Company reads our teen selections carefully to be ready to answer questions about content and age-appropriateness. Historical fiction, dystopian fantasy, realistic dramas, light reads or satisfying non-fiction: find all these and more when you browse our teen section.

Middle Grade:

Whether you're looking for a family read-aloud, a parent-child book club choice, or the next great series to keep your elementary age reader turning the pages, Queen Anne Book Company has you covered with chapter book recommendations. Usually for 8-12 year olds. 

For Early Readers:

Early readers build skills for independent reading, but they can also be fun read-togethers. We offer a selection to help build confidence and excitement for emerging readers. 

Picture Books and Board Books:

Picture books are often young readers' first introduction into the wonderful world of books. We want to help you find books that make kids' reading experiences delightful-- for the adults who read them and the kids who listen to them. 
Want more recommendations? Please stop by and we'd love to show you and your children our kid's book section!