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Did you know that you can support your local, independent Queen Anne Book Company even when you read electronically by using a Kobo account to read digitally? When you register for a Kobo account, you can buy ebooks through our website or any other indie website, and it will be registered as buying directly from our store. The Kobo eBooks you purchase through our site work on any readers or devices (except some Kindles), and every Kobo purchase you make supports Queen Anne Book Company.
If you read on a dedicated eReader device like a Nook or Kobo, you can purchase eBooks through our website. When you purchase an eBook from the Queen Anne Book Company or Kobo websites, you will need to download the eBook to your computer and then use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the eBook to your eReader. The process to transfer eBooks to your device should work the same as with other file transfers to your device. We can help with your first eBook, or you can contact Kobo directly for help. Kobo has an app for tablets, iPhones, and Android, too. 
If you need to change your Kobo affiliation to Queen Anne Book Company, please contact us; we can request that change on your behalf.
You can buy ebooks by searching in the search box on the upper left; look for the "ebooks" tab on your results.