Horses See Us As We Are (Paperback)

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When we acknowledge how much of our lives horses hold for us, we realize how much horses have to teach us about ourselves. Horses See Us As We Are is an exploration of the incredible, grace-filled invitation that horses are always extending to us when we allow them to be more than jet skis with heartbeats that are just ridden around for fun. Horses are worth more than what we pay for them.
When we accept that invitation, horses help people become human beings by teaching us how to listen as an act of love that has the power to hold space for hurt hearts to heal, and for healed hearts to grow in relationship with others in a life-giving way. I go into greater detail about that in the introduction. So, please read the introduction.
Nahshon Cook is an author, poet, and first generation horseman from Denver, Colorado. Nahshon graduated with a Bachelors of Sciences degree in Human Services from Metropolitan State University. As a horseman, Nahshon interests lay in working with horses with major mental, emotional, and physical training related trauma. He is the author of Being With Horses. He lives and works out of his family's farm in Parker, Colorado where he uses his background in classical dressage and rehabilitation to help horses and their people.

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Publication Date: October 31st, 2022
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