The Only Guide to HVAC Sales... (Paperback)

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Whether you are a grassy green, brand new, junior HVAC technician trying to convince your first customer that they really do need to replace that six year old, hair encrusted air filter for ten dollars, or you're a full time, briefcase carryin', bowtie wearin', dyed in the wool snake oil salesman, trying to close the deal on a ten ton, 86 SEER, 4 stage, tri-fuel super heat pump with duel flux-capacitors in a single-wide trailer park, you have probably never been taught the basics of how to sell anything. One day a supervisor of yours just said "Jack's out today, so I need you to get over to Mrs. Fenabola's house, and sell her a furnace " Yeah, that's the way it happened for most of us. Well, this is your chance to go back and learn those all important little details that no one ever told you about sales. Things like, where to find leads, how to speak to customers so they trust you enough to say "yes", how and when to close the sale, or what closing the sale even means Got a clue about closing ratios? How about gross profit? Believe it or not, most salesmen don't even know if their jobs are profitable Oh, and I know that you don't like to read too much; neither do I, so, I promise that this will be painless, teach you a few things to help increase your sales, and be at least slightly entertaining. In fact, this might actually be the easiest and most effective thing you ever do for your career Aren't you the smarty pants now.

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ISBN: 9781541056183
ISBN-10: 1541056183
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2017
Pages: 110
Language: English