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Reading and Signing

VioletCrow_Cover finalPhoto: Jan MurphyThe Violet Crow
A Bruno X Psychic Detective Mystery


Michael Sheldon ♦ Thursday, July 28th at 7pm

How do you solve the ultimate mystery, where the murder victim has no identity and there’s no physical evidence? You go psychic—deep psychic—and hire Bruno X. Sure, you’re going to have to put up with some Yiddish trash talk and recycled borsht belt shtick. But he’s the only one who can who can stop the crime spree in the ordinarily placid Quaker community of Gardenfield, New Jersey.
Free and Open to the Public

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Reading & Tasting

The Starving
Artist Cookbook

Sara Zin
Thurs. August 4th
at 7pm

This event will feature food from the book...yum!

Aspiring artist Sara Zin turned 30 and hit a wall. She was hungry starving to find meaning in her art. Plus, she really wanted a home-cooked meals. Zin didn't know how to make them; she never learned how to cook. She decided it was time. And, as a painter, it was only logical that she paint every dish once it was prepared. This cookbook is the result of that year's journey, with basic recipes for: French Toast and Crispy BaconThe Manly BurgerTomato SoupSimple CarbonaraOatmeal Cookies
This book will appeal to anyone who likes to eat starving or not.

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Double Reading

                    Double Author Reading
Thursday August 18th at 7pm

Click Here to Buy The World Before Us
In the tradition of A. S. Byatt's "Possession," a hauntingly poignant novel about madness, loss, and the ties that bind our past to our present.

Click Here to Buy The Mercy Journals       
Set against a sparse yet fantastical landscape 30 years in the future, "The Mercy Journals" explores the parameters of personal morality and forgiveness at this watershed moment in humanity's history and evolution.